Keller's Store was first opened by Jon Keller (my great-great-grandfather) in 1862 on a spot just uphill from where you are now sitting (the ruins are still standing.) He bought the land from Anna Martin who had a bank there. She bought the land from the estate of Heinrich Kensing who along with his wife were ambushed and killed by Indians. This was also the site of one of the HOO-DOO war gunfights where a man named Moses Baird was killed. In 1870, Jon Keller, Jr. built the sandstone house and store behind this building where he operated a general store and a blacksmith shop. In 1919 Charlie Donop bought the property and ran the store until the highway was relocated to its present location. He then erected this building. In 1935 torrential rains washed away the new bridge. Water poured into the cellar of the old house and surrounded the store. A new higher bridge was built and it still stands. Mr Donop sold the land to Ben Pluenneke in the 1940's. This store was operated by, among others, Horace and June Brandenberger, Ray Lehmberg, Roy Lehmberg and, until 1967, Peewee Johnson and his wife. In 1968, I, Crockett Keller, bought the land. Starting in May of the year 2001, my wife Dianna and I began to try our hand with the old store on the river.

We have restored the old blacksmith shop in back for a private event venue. It can accommodate 50 people for parties and a lesser amount for dinner. Ask about our prices and availability.

Here at Keller's we want you to enjoy your dining experience. Please be patient with our slow serving time as we prepare all orders from scratch using the freshiest ingredients we can obtain, sometimes from our own garden. When informed, we will try to do the Atkins Diet routine as we will the "Bandster" routine. If you don't see something on the menu that strikes your fancy, ask us about something you have in mind and maybe we can put it together.

Once again, welcome to Keller's Riverside Store.

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