About Kellers Store

Welcome to the world of kellersstore.com. I am the grant son of Jon Keller. Who is known as an antiquarian, My father also had the same hobby to collect the antique item. But he had some special bonding with old coin, bounty hunting and antique gun and gun-related items. Read more about kellers store page

Kellers Store About
Kellers Store About

Details About Kellers Store

Me personally inherent all the hobby and passion of my father and grandfather. And now it’s not only my hobby but also my business as well. I am a professional antique item and bounty hunter who also had an e-commerce business previously in the same industry where I buy and sell antique items and guns.

But suddenly one realization comes to my mind from the past few years what it’s important to share my experience and knowledge that I learn from my ancestry and from my real-life experience with those people who also find interest in this field and that’s why I decide to make this site kellersstore.com, where I’ll share all my experience about antique item, coin, silver, gold and gun. So check it out…

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