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Garrett Pro Pointer At
Garrett 1140900 Pro-Pointer

It’s true that there are quite a number of reliable metal detectors that will let you find all sorts of treasures in different environments. However, there are also certain occasions where you’ll need a pinpointer. The Garrett AT gold waterproof metal detector, for example, is an excellent auxiliary tool for detectorists who want to look for treasures underwater.  

If you’re looking for something similar, make sure to add this write-up to the Garrett Pro Pointer At Metal Detector reviews on your to-read list. Below, we’ll look closer to this detector so you can learn more about its merits and why you should give it a shot.

Garrett Pro Pointer At Details Review


  • Easy to use
  • Large detection area
  • Highly functional design
  • Sound and vibration prompts
  • Can find a wide range of targets
  • Quick retune
  • Lightweight and easy to handle


  • Quite pricey
  • Changing settings might be a bit confusing at first

Garrett 1140900 Pro-Pointer Metal Detector Specs:

Intended UseGeneral, All Round
Dimensions9×2.5×2.5 Inches
Weight9 Ounce
Batteries3AA 9 Volt (Included)
Sensitivity levels3
Frequency11.5 kHz
DepthTeen Feet
Power Saving OptionAutomatic Off
Detection Area360°
Belt Size3″(Approximately)

Garrett 1140900 Pro-Pointer Features

In order to get the full picture of what the Garrett 1140900 Pro-Pointer can do, let us discuss its features in detail with a list.

  1. 11.5 kHz Operating Frequency
  2. Waterproof Construction
  3. Single Button Operation
  4. Pinpointing Tip and 360° Detection Area
  5. Audio/Vibration Prompts
  6. Flashlight
  7. Well Thought Out Design and Details
  8. Lost Pro Pointer Alarm
  9. Scraping Blade
  10. 9V Battery

11.5 kHz Operating Frequency

To help you find a broad range of targets, the Pro Pointer AT operates at 11.5 kHz. This is higher than lots of entry-level and low-frequency metal detectors. As a result, it can promise to precisely and accurately locate metal articles, right in the very spots where they’re buried.

Waterproof Construction

Aside from being very handy, the waterproof construction of pinpointers makes them ideal additions to any detectorist’s equipment kit. They can easily replace regular metal detectors if you intend to go underwater or squeeze into tight areas where large devices will be too cumbersome to take.

Since the Pro Pointer AT is waterproof up to 10 feet underwater, it can certainly work as your alternative device when you want to check deeper waters for some treatures. If you like to combine diving with treasure hunting, then this device will be a handy tool for you.

Single Button Operation

This is designed for quick and convenient operation so it only has one button to do everything. The Garrett Pro Pointer button is designed to power, retune, adjust the device’s sensitivity settings, and set it to Stealth mode.

Pinpointing Tip and 360° Detection Area

The key part of a pinpointer is its tapered tip. So you need to point this part to the ground if you want to locate buried metal articles. This detector, however, extends its search capability by having a 360° detection area near the tip. So if you want to cover more ground when searching for a metal article, you can also hold this device parallel to the ground instead of just pointing the tip towards the soil.

Audio/Vibration Prompts

To quickly inform you that the device found something on the ground, the Pro Pointer also has audio and vibration prompts. You can opt to use them separately or together, giving you more options to get notified of your device’s findings.


This device also has a small LED light that functions as a flashlight. It stays on while the device is powered on.

Well Thought Out Design and Details

Lots of folks are big fans of this metal detector design. So much so that other manufacturers have fashioned their products after this very item like the Kuman Pinpointer. Its most notable and useful physical features include:

  • Orange body color for high visibility
  • Contrasting black details for the buttons and battery cap
  • Engraved ruler to help you take note of the depth of the target when you dig
  • Lanyard loop to help you better secure the device to your body while you work with it

Lost Pro Pointer Alarm

In case you dropped or misplaced the Pro Pointer detector, its Lost alarm will go off so you can find it with ease. It’s triggered by 5 minutes of inactivity without being powered off. So if it’s kept powered on after 5 minutes without getting a button press, it will emit chirping sounds that will progressively get faster as time goes by. It will insistently beep for 1 minute. To stop the noise, just press on the button and it will reset its countdown.

Scraping Blade

This feature might not seem like much but it comes in handy when you want to dig lightly without having to pull out your shovel just yet.

9V Battery

This device is powered by a 9V battery. You can use alkaline, carbon, or rechargeable batteries but their lifespan will vary.

Pro Pointer AT Manual Guide

This metal detector is pretty simple to use since you only really need to press one button to power it up and adjust its settings. However, switching from one functionality to another can be confusing for new users, so here’s a quick guide on its operation:

  1. To power on the device, press and release the button. When you hear 2 beeps and the flashlight turns on, then it’s ready to go.
  2. To power off the device, press and hold the button until you hear a single beep or feel the device vibrate when it’s on Silent Mode.
  3. To change the device’s settings, press and hold the button for 2 seconds until it emits a beep followed by a dual-tone beep and LED flash. Press the button repeatedly to select the settings you want. You can refer to the manual for setting sequence.
  4. To retune the device, quickly press the button and it will reset its ground balance.

Garrett Pro Pointer vs Minelab Pro-Find 35

If you want to shop around for alternatives for the Pro Pointer 1140900, the Minelab Pro-Find 35 is among the first things that will come up in your search. They share a number of similarities so lots of people find themselves torn between the two.

What makes the Pro-Find 35 different from this detector is its button configuration. While the Garrett has a single button for everything, the Pro-Find 35 has three: one for power and two for selection. Those who are not big fans of cycling the settings using a singular button might find this a more attractive option.

Pro Pointer At vs Fisher F-Pulse

Another popular competitor of this metal detector is the Fisher F-Pulse. The two share most features in common and are in the same price point so for most folks, it’s a toss-up between the two. They’re both waterproof, operated by a single button, and are designed for high visibility.

The only difference really is the kind of battery they use. The F-Pulse uses AA batteries so they’re a lot more convenient to have. They’re easily available and can even be recharged. 9V batteries can be a bit of a hassle to find in some areas so some might prefer the ones that are easier to work with.

Pro Pointer At vs Vulcan 360

For something more affordable, Kellycode’s Vulcan 360 also frequently comes up as an alternative to this metal detector. It’s available at half the price but is also waterproof and with a 360-degree scanner like the Pro-Pointer.

What’s even better is the fact that it has an adjustable sensitivity, letting you select from its 5 settings to effectively find the targets you have in mind. So if you’re after a budget-pick, this product is worth looking into.

Garrett Pro-Pointer at Z-Lynk

Now if you want the ‘smart’ kind of pinpointer, the Z-Lynk should be your top pick. The main offering of this product is its wireless connectivity to other Z-Lynk enabled detectors. As a result, it can transmit its audio prompts to your headphones, letting you hear the alerts better.

Other than this, there aren’t really a lot of upgrades from the Pro Pointer AT, so it’s up to you whether you want to go all out with your pinpointer.

Garrett Pro-Pointer 1166050

Those who don’t need a lot of fancy features but want the top-notch quality of the Garrett brand still has an option within their product range. The Pro-Pointer II is a more basic option so it doesn’t come with the bells and whistles of the AT and Z-Lynk. It still has the most important features, however, as high sensitivity, fast retune, alarms, and automatic tuning.

What it’s not, on the other hand, is waterproof. It’s only weatherproof and splashproof, so don’t use it underwater. If you don’t intend to do this, the Pro-Pointer II might just be your perfect match.

Pro-Pointer AT Problems

To help you cover all your bases, we’ll also briefly discuss the problems that you might face with this detector. The most common concern users raise is that adjusting its settings can be a bit time-consuming. Since you need to cycle the settings in order to get to the one you want to use, it can be a bit frustrating to repeatedly press on a single button.

As for performance issues, there aren’t lots of complaints about this product. and if you ever encounter one, their customer service is superb so you can count on them to resolve it right away.

Garrett Pro-Pointer AT Fake?

As mentioned above, this metal detector is so popular that other manufacturers fashioned their pinpointers after it. Some might be considered as fakes and knock-offs since they copied every detail. These copies are very cheap, too, tempting many to go for them instead.

This is why you should also beware when looking for a Garrett 1140900 Pro-Pointer the best price. Don’t look for something extremely cheap as you might just end up with a fake.

Picking the Garrett Pro Pointer At Metal Detector

To be honest, most products we’ve mentioned in our Garrett Pro Pointer reviews are solid options. From the Garrett Pro-Pointer 2 to the Z-Lynk and even the ones from other brands, they can all be good picks. It’s just a matter of finding the one that suits your requirements best, making the ultimate decision yours. You won’t go wrong with a good product, you just have to be careful to make the most suitable choice for your needs.

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