Kuman Pinpointer Review and Expert Guide 2020

Kuman Pinpointer review
Kuman Pin pointer Metal Detectors

Interested in upping your game as a detectorist? Then you should start browsing through the metal detector pinpointers on Amazon. These devices will help you refine your results from your metal detector, allowing you to quickly narrow down the are where metals are buried. In this Kuman Pinpointer review, we’ll help you get to know one popular option for such products.

What is the Good and Bad Point of Kuman Pinpointer?


  • Very easy to use
  • Intuitive functionalities
  • Easy handling
  • Highly sensitive so it can easily detect metal articles
  • Partially waterproof, letting you use it on shallow water and wet surfaces
  • Friendly price
  • Good quality
  • Saves time in locating targets
  • Some say that it can detect buried treasures that are up to 4 inches underground
  • Can detect small items
  • Automatic tuning


  • Can give false positives
  • Random beeping occurs from time to time

What are the Extra Helpful Features of Kuman Pinpointer?

Here are the list of kuman pinpointer features that help you to look a overview

  • 12kHz operating frequency
  • 0-5 cm detection distance
  • Pinpoint tip detection and 360° side-scan
  • 3 sensitivity levels
  • Vibration and ratio audio alarms
  • One-touch operation
  • LED flashlight
  • Scraping blade
  • Water-resistant construction

12kHz Operating Frequency

Expert detectorists deem that the 5-12 kHz range is the sweetest spot for finding the widest range of metal articles. 8-12 kHz is where lots of hobbyists get the best results, so a pinpointer that works in 12 kHz can promise great performance. This will already let you scan effectively for all sorts of metals but will boost your odds of finding gold.

0-5 cm Detection Distance

Unlike metal detectors, pinpointers need to be very near the surface in order to detect the target. The Kuman Pinpointer will get triggered when at a distance of 0-5 cm from the metal article so you have to get it close to the ground for it to work well. This isn’t a bad deal anymore since you’re only supposed to use this device after your regular metal detector already found something.

Pinpoint Tip Detection and 360° Side-Scan

You will still need to position pinpointers in a certain direction in order for it to locate metal articles. However, with the Kuman Pinpointer, you’re not stuck with just one position. You can position it with its pinpoint tip towards the ground for the best results but as it also has a 360° side-scan feature, you don’t have to be too particular about its angle. This also allows it to cover more ground as you try to find the precise location of the buried treasure you’re after.

3 Sensitivity Levels

Anyone who has tried metal detecting knows that an adjustable sensitivity setting is essential if you want to minimize false positives. This small device has three settings for such, so you can easily select how discerning of triggers your pinpointer will be.

Vibration and Ratio Audio Alarms

To let the user know that the device found something on the ground, this device will either vibrate or beep, alerting you that it has found the exact spot where a metal target is located. With two indicators, it will be harder for you to miss the prompt that your device already found what you’re looking for.

One-Touch Operation

Ease of use is also essential when looking for the best pinpointer because this device is just a secondary tool for metal detecting. If it’s too complicated to operate, it wouldn’t be a great auxiliary item for the hobby.

This is why the Kuman Pinpointer’s one-touch operation is worth noting. With this, you only need to press a single button and you’re ready to locate the very spot where a metal treasure is buried.

LED Flashlight

To make pinpointing a specific spot simpler, the Kuman Pinpointer is also equipped with a flashlight that you can turn on to better point towards the area that set off your device. This will help you see better where you should dig, making the process simpler, especially if it’s underwater.

Scraping Blade

This part will let you sift through the soil without having to grab for another tool. It’s a convenient addition that makes this pinpointer a lot more versatile and useful.

Water-Resistant Construction

Most pinpointers can be used underwater but it should be noted that a water-resistant device is different from a waterproof one. The Kuman Pinpointer is IP65 Water-Resistant which means it can handle light soaking. It can be submerged for a very short period of time but it’s best if it doesn’t get fully underwater.

Why? It’s not fully waterproof, as its water-resistant rating suggests. It’s only partially waterproof from the tip to a height of about 93 mm. The other parts of this pinpointer are not designed to get wet.

Again, it can handle getting moist or slightly submerged into the water but it can then perform weirdly after. False positives might happen very often when you use them wet and might also damage its internal machinations, so it’s best to avoid soaking it in water.

Kuman Pinpointer vs Garrett Which one is the Best?

If you’ve been researching pinpointers for a while now, you’ll easily get reminded of the Garrett Pro Pointer by the Kuman Pinpointer. Both sport bright orange bodies for high visibility. With Garrett’s popularity, however, it can be said that the Kuman Pinpointer is fashioned after it.

In a sense, it can be said that Kuman Pinpointer aims to be a dupe of the Garrett Pro-Pointer. With the hefty price tag of the Garrett product, it’s understandable that lots of people aren’t willing to splurge on it if they already have a decent metal detector. It offers a lot more features than the Kuman Pinpointer, though, so it can also be worth the investment.

Mosunece Pinpointer Probe

The Mosunece Pinpointer Probe is another affordable option that you might find interesting if the Kuman Pinpointer tickled your fancy. It sports the same design as the Garrett Pro Pointer but is a lot more affordable than the said model.

What makes it notable, however, is the fact that it’s fully waterproof. Its IP65 waterproofing will let you use it underwater without any worries.

This item also comes with three indicators: vibration, audio, as well as vibration and audio prompt at the same time. The additional alarm mode is very useful especially when you’re using the device underwater. So if you’re after a budget-friendly option that has identical features as the more expensive options in the market, this can be it.

Garrett Pro Pointer

As mentioned above, the Garrett Pro Pointer is an investment item that lots of folks might not be ready for. However, if you want convenience, accuracy, and efficiency, you might want to shell out for this device as well so you can further boost your performance when looking for treasures.

Hailed as the best waterproof pinpointer 2020, its waterproof construction is notable. This item is submersible up to 20 feet, has a very high sensitivity, fast retune, automatic shut-off, functional design, and a lost pro-pointer alarm, so it can really come in handy while you’re out and about and trying to locate precious metals. It can make your tasks a lot simpler and will save you time in locating the targets that set off your metal detector.

About Kuman Company

Kuman Trade (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd is an exporter and manufacturer of various electronics and tech products. As the name suggests, they hail from China but they are registered in the United States.

Thanks to the location of its headquarters in Shenzhen, the company is right in the heart of the biggest electronics market in the world. This gives them quick access to many experts and the best materials for their products.

Aside from metal detectors, Kuman also offers robotic toys, components for various electronic products, measuring tools, 3D printers, and many others.

How to Use the Kuman Pinpointer Detector?

To use the Kuman Pinpointer Detector, here are the steps that you should follow:

  1. Read the manual before doing anything with the product. This will help you get to know the item better.
  2. Install the batteries.
  3. While pointing away from metallic items and the target, press the power button to switch the device on. The flashlight should also turn on to indicate that the unit is powered up.
  4. Move the pinpointer with its pinpointer tip towards the target. This device is not a motion detector so move it slowly towards the target.
  5. Once it vibrates or beeps, it means that you have located the target. You can then press the power button to turn the device off.

What is the Best Pinpointer 2020?

If you’re in the market for a pinpointer, of course, you’ll be curious as to what could be the best pinpointer for the year. As 2020 is only starting, there’s still a good chance that new products will impress the market. However, so far, there are already a few ones that are making waves among detectorists.

At the top of this list is the Garrett Pro Pointer. As mentioned above, it’s packed with amazing features that will prove it to be a very handy tool for detectorists of all levels. However, due to its price, it’s not exactly the best pick for everyone.

Some folks also love the Vibra-King Pinpointer for its mini metal detector design and the fact that it doesn’t make annoying sounds. However, it’s still a bit expensive.

For the cheaper varieties, the Bounty Hunter Pinpointer and the Kuman Pinpointer are also solid picks. They may be cheap but they can still do a great job in finding treasures buried on the soil.

Final Word About Kuman Pinpointer Review

Pinpointers will prove to be important additions to your metal detecting gear so make sure to go for the best one. We hope our Kuman Pinpointer review helps you in making an informed decision. We also recommend that you read other critiques like those for Garrett, Bounty Hunter, and RM Ricomax pinpointer reviews so you can compare your options with ease.

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