18 Top Bounty Hunter Metal Detector Reviews [2020 Guide]

Bounty Hunter Metal Detector Reviews
Bounty Hunter Metal Detector

Sure, there are plenty of metal detector brands to choose from. It’s hard to fault your choice if you go with the famed Bounty Hunter brand since they make terrific models for every level. Their long lineup of models includes metal detectors for young kids just starting out, to old pros who know every trick in the book, and every level in between. To make sure you get the right choice for your needs and for your skill level, we have the Bounty Hunter metal detector reviews that can help you make the right choice.

Bounty Hunter Metal Detector Comparison:

List Of Bounty Hunter Metal Detectors

We’ve rounded up 18 of the better Bounty Hunter metal detectors models, and grouped them to match various skill levels. Here are some of the metal detectors you ought to consider:

  1. Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector (Perfect for Beginners)
  2. Bounty Hunter Junior Metal Detector (Perfect for Beginners)
  3. Bounty Hunter Junior Target Id (perfect for Beginners)
  4. Bounty Hunter Tracker IV Metal Detector (Good for Adults)
  5. Bounty Hunter QSI Quick Silver Metal Detector (Good for Adults)
  6. Bounty Hunter Fast Tracker Metal Detector (Good for Adults)
  7. Lone Star Metal Detector (Right Choice for Advanced)
  8. Quick Draw II Metal Detector (Right Choice for Advanced)
  9. Bounty Hunter Commando Metal Detector (Right Choice for Advanced)
  10. Bounty Hunter PL Time Ranger Metal Detector (Good for Serious)
  11. Sharp Shooter II Metal Detector (Good for Serious)
  12. Bounty Hunter Landstar Metal Detector (Good for Serious)
  13. Lone Star Pro Metal Detector (Popular Pro Metal Detectors)
  14. Quick Draw Pro Metal Detector (Popular Pro Metal Detectors)
  15. Land Ranger Pro Metal Detector (Popular Pro Metal Detectors)
  16. Bounty Hunter 3300 Metal Detector (Recommended Discovery Metal Detectors)
  17. Bounty Hunter 2200 Metal Detector (Recommended Discovery Metal Detectors)
  18. Bounty Hunter 1100 Metal Detector (Recommended Discovery Metal Detectors)

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The best way to make the right choice is to get the necessary data. The knowledge you acquire about the metal detectors you’re considering can then help you find the most suitable model for your needs. That means you need to read not just the product descriptions released by Bounty Hunter marketing specialists, but also our more objective guide.

Bounty Hunter Metal Detector
Bounty Hunter Metal Detector

What is a Good Metal Detector for Beginners?

Usually, if you’re a beginner you want features that are easy to understand and use. After, most newbies are actually young kids. You may also want to pick among the more affordable models since it’s entirely possible that a kid may lose interest after a while. We Have listed 3 best bounty detector for beginners.

1. Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector

Gold digger is extremely popular, and you can find thousands of satisfied praising it in their guide. Nominally its price hovers around the 3-figure mark, but you can find sellers offering this for half that price. You do need to buy your own pair of 9V batteries. But at least you can get the headphones among the freebies.

This is versatile enough to detect a wide range of metals, including gold and silver. Bounty hunter gold digger operates at 6.6kHz and is able to find coins buried 6 inches underground. It’s even been able to find larger items under 2 feet of soil or sand. This lets you control the sensitivity and power, and you can keep it from detecting metals you’re not interested in.

Gold Digger Metal Detector
Gold Digger Metal Detector

You just need to adjust it using the knobs. It offers 3 tones, 2 search modes, and even a battery life indicator. Bounty hunter gold has a target strength meter as well, to help you pinpoint the item’s location.

This is meant for the whole family including kids, as it’s so easy to use. It only weighs 2.2 pounds, and bounty hunter gold digger length can be adjusted from 34.5 to 45.5 inches. The 7-inch coil is weather-resistant.

2. Bounty Hunter Junior Metal Detector

With the “Bounty Hunter Junior” in the name of the model, it’s safe to say that it’s meant for kids. You can tell by the size, as the BHJS Junior can be adjusted from 20.5 to 31.5 inches. Its 1.5-pound weight is also easy enough for kids to handle even for long periods of time.

Kids should find this easy to adjust, with a knob on the left to adjust its sensitivity while on the right there’s another knob that eliminates metals such as iron. The manual teaches you what discrimination level to use to eliminate the metals you’re not interested in.

The target indicator meter tells you the signal strength, which goes higher as you get nearer an item. This is powerful enough to detect even items as small as coins buried under 5 inches of soil or sand. If the item is bigger, it’s even possible to detect it 3 feet underground. Bounty hunter junior offers 2 search modes, and you have a meter indicating the current battery life.

It’s undoubtedly a great toy for kids, and if you’re the parent then you may want to bury a few coins in the backyard for them to find. But it’s great enough that even you would be tempted to use it once your kid is done with it.

3. Bounty Hunter Junior Target Id

Trust Bounty Hunter to offer another “Junior” model, just so you can get the features you really want. This one looks a lot more like a toy (with its rather vibrant blue and yellow colors), though it’s a bit more expensive than the BHJS Junior. That’s because, despite the cutesy design and graphics, it’s actually more advanced.

On-screen you have the cute icons denoting the various types of items you’re likely to find with this. One category is for low conductivity metals such as iron, which usually means finding nails. Next is the medium conductivity metals group, which can mean nickels or gold and brass rings. The third grouping is for high conductivity metals, which usually means quarters and larger denomination coins.

Each group has its own distinct tone, so you can immediately know what type of metal you’ve detected. Bounty hunter junior is sensitive enough that one parent used it to find her ring buried 6 inches under the beach!

There’s a discrimination button here which allows you to ignore the metals you don’t want. The screen also tells you how deeply the item is buried, and there’s a battery life indicator as well.

This great for kids, as it only weighs 1.5 pounds though the aluminum stem length is adjustable. The 6-inch coil is water-resistant, so you can use this on the beach. It even has a wing stand so the kid can set it down to the ground safely.

This has a warranty, but it sure is sturdy enough for kids. Just buy 2 AA alkaline batteries and you’re good to go. You may want to buy a more serious model for yourself if you’re an adult, even if this has adult-like features. As an adult, you may get tired of the emoji interface, but the kids love it. You may also feel silly carrying around a bright blue metal detector.

Which Bounty Hunter Detectors are Best for Adults?

As an adult, you need a longer metal detector and it doesn’t have to be too lightweight. You also can deal with more sophisticated features, and you probably prefer the look of the metal detector to be a bit more subdued. Below our expert has listed 3 best adult detectors.

4. Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector

This is the Bounty hunter tk4 Tracker IV metal detector, and it’s so popular that it’s widely considered the bestselling model in the hobby-grade metal detector market. It’s meant mainly for adults, though the price is quite affordable. It works great, too. You can use this once it arrives to your door, especially if it comes in “frustration-free packaging”.

The design is fantastic. At the top, you have a padded armrest and the curved cushioned handgrip. Facing upwards is the interface, on which you see the various meters and controls. Here you’ll see the target strength meter, though it has 2 audio tones from the internal speaker that tells you if you’ve found something. There’s also a ¼-inch jack here for your headphone (though you have to buy one yourself).

IV Metal Detector
IV Metal Detector

The interface also has the knowledge that lets you control the sensitivity. There’s another knob for the discrimination feature, which lets you ignore unwanted metals. Right below the target strength indicator you also have a meter measuring your current battery power.

The stem is adjustable, so it fits better with your height. It doesn’t shorten enough for kids though. At the bottom, you have the 8-inch coil that can pinpoint the location of the metallic object underground, and this coil is completely submersible. Bounty hunter tk4 tracker iv metal detector even interchangeable—if you damage it by banging it hard against a rock, you can just buy another 8-inch coil to replace it.

When you’re done, you can set it down safely. The top of the metal detector has the “Bounty-Arc” stand to prevent damage to the gadget when you set it down. More details about bounty hunter tk4 tracker iv

5. Bounty Hunter QSI Quick Silver Metal Detector

At first glance, Quick silver looks suspiciously like the Tracker IV. The basic design is the same, with the padded armrest and the bent cushioned armrest, the interface facing upwards, the adjustable stem, the 8-inch waterproof coil, and the “Bounty-Arc” stand that lets you safely put this down to the ground. You also have the internal speaker and the jack for the headphone.

QSI Quick silver the same but with an extra $20 in the price. So, what gives? That extra price covers the extra features in the interface. The LCD 4 types of probable targets (iron, aluminum, zinc, coins) and then you can use this display to identify the target or to reject it in discrimination mode. Everything’s 1-touch, and you can select the depth as well. You also get 3 different tones for different targets.

If that’s not enough for the extra twenty bucks, you also get the fabulous PinPointer. This accessory is designed like a pen, and you’re meant to stick it into the sand or ground when your metal detector detects the general location of the target. You can then pinpoint its exact position with the audio and vibration signals, and this saves you a lot of useless digging.

6. Bounty Hunter Fast Tracker Metal Detector

Now if you thought that the popular Bounty Hunter Tracker IV is somewhat beyond your budget, this affordable metal detector for adults can give you many of the same features for a lower price. You just get 2 tones, and you don’t get the display and meters.

Not that you absolutely need them anyway. Bounty hunter tracker gives you all that you’ll need: a sensitivity knob and a discrimination knob. Practicing with various settings will teach you how to find the stuff you want and avoid wasting your time on junk.

To tell you when you’re getting near a target, you have a dual-tone audio signal that also indicates what you’ve found. There’s also a headphone jack here, if you’re in a noisy place so you can make sure to hear the tones.

The basic design is still here, with the padded armrest and the bent cushioned handgrip, along with the protective stand. The coil measures 7-inches so it’s not that small, and it’s interchangeable too. You replace the coil when you bump it against a rock, and you won’t have to buy a whole new metal detector. Bounty hunter tracker does have a warranty, so with careful use, it should last a while.

Which Bounty Hunter Machines Are Best for Advanced?

Now if you consider yourself more of an advanced treasure hunter, you probably are more familiar with metal detectors already. That means you have no trouble with more complicated features. You’ll have to pay for those figures, but at least with our recommendations, you won’t have to go past $200. Below are the 3 best detectors for advance.

7. Lone Star Metal Detector

Named for the brand’s Texan roots, the Lone Star offers a lot of value for your money. Again, you have the padded armrest and cushioned handgrip, plus the protective stand. The coil measures 8 inches, and it’s both waterproof and interchangeable. The stem is adjustable.

This weighs a bit more at 4 pounds, but then you have to consider the technology you’re carrying. The interface has the usual knobs for sensitivity and discrimination, which allow you to pick and choose the targets. The interface also indicates iron, nickel, scrap, zinc, other coins, gold, and silver. There are 3 target modes (just push a button), a low-battery indicator light, and a headphone jack.

Lone Star Metal Detector
Lone Star Metal Detector

You just about have every feature you’d want to have a fun and profitable time, as with this you certainly reduce the wasted time digging for junk. It’s a professional tool, and thankfully it doesn’t cost all that much. Find a lost ring with this, and you’ve certainly covered its price.

8. Quick Draw II Metal Detector

This does tend to present newbies with a challenging learning curve, but then you’re an advanced user so there’s no problem. The basic comfy design is still there, along with the 8-inch waterproof coil.

A quick look at the interface will immediately tell you that this isn’t a metal detector for newbie kids. The quick draw has an LCD screen denoting 9 different types of potential targets. It can even differentiate between different US coins, including the uncommon half-dollar and dollar coins.

The quick draw also has the usual sensitivity and discrimination knobs, along with the 3 search modes. You have 3 tones to work with to identify the target, and you even have an idea of how deep the item is buried. There’s a headphone jack here as well.

The 8-inch coil is big enough to let you scan an area completely in a shorter amount of time, and it’s waterproof too. It’s also sensitive enough to find coins buried 8 inches deep, and it can find larger objects down to a depth of 3 feet. All in all, it surely isn’t a toy.

9. Bounty Hunter Commando Metal Detector

This one looks super-cool, and it should appeal to the outdoorsy types with its camouflage design for the coil, interface module, and parts of the stem and handle. It still has the basic comfy configuration with padded armrest, cushioned handgrip, and protective stand.

This is meant to be a versatile tool for all types of ground conditions. It works on all types of soil, along with saltwater beaches. It offers the usual features, like the knobs for discrimination and sensitivity, 3 search modes, a target strength indicator, and a low-battery indicator.

This is one tough gadget, and you can just about take it anywhere. You can break it down into 3 sections, and then it’ll fit your backpack. This is as easy to use as the Tracker IV, but it’s just a lot more advanced. Take it with you when you’re hunting or shooting outdoors, so you can easily police your brass.

Which Bounty Hunter Detectors Are Best for Serious Detectorists?

Now we’re beyond the mere “advanced” level. We’re talking about the people who are really serious about their hobby. You know how some people are fanatical about certain types of coffee and coffee presses, and about how they need to grind the beans right before brewing? These serious folks are the same breed, and they need serious hardware.

Of course, be ready to pay serious bucks as well. You’ll need a budget in the $200 to $400 range for these beauties . Below 3 best detector for serious buyers

10. Bounty Hunter PL Time Ranger Metal Detector

Let’s aside from the typical comfy design and head straight to the interface. It looks seriously busy, with indicators and controls everywhere. This Bounty Hunter PL Time Ranger has so many features and lots of settings and info to offer.

Basically, it’s fully programmable so you can maximize its use. You can just push a button and reject any potential targets you don’t want. In Sniff mode, you can also just pick a single target to either focus on or to eliminate. This is great if you keep on finding the same type of junk in your hunting area.

It offers 4 levels of iron discrimination, and 3 tones for unique targets. It also offers manual ground balance, which lets you adjust the settings for different soil types. This also features an 8-inch coil, plus a 4-inch coil specifically for gold nuggets.

The design, while somehow intimidating at first, is actually easy to learn. The large LCD along with the touchpads are somehow intuitive, so even newbies can eventually get familiar with it. With serious hobbyists, this is one serious tool that offers plenty of fun ways to operate more effectively.

11. Sharp Shooter II Metal Detector

As the name suggests, this metal detector sure is accurate. Not only does it detect coins, but it can tell you in advance if it’s a penny or a nickel. That’s just one of the ways it offers excellent service, but there’s a lot more.

First of all, despite its extensive features, this is actually easy to use for those who have gone beyond the beginner level. The interface shows you what the ID of the targets, such as what kind of coin denomination or whether it’s a pull-tab or a bottle cap.

You have 4 touchpads buttons offering 4 preset modes. Unwanted targets can be ignored with discrimination adjustments. You have a knob for that, as well as a knob for the sensitivity.

Sharp Shooter II Metal Detector
Sharp Shooter II Metal Detector

This weighs just 4 pounds, which isn’t too heavy. The length can also be adjusted to make it more comfortable to handle. It offers 3 tones to help identify the target more quickly. You can use the built-in speaker or set your headphone to the headphone jack. All in all, this is a no-fuss machine that works well.

12. Bounty Hunter Landstar Metal Detector

Now with this, we’re going past the $400 mark, so you better be serious about this hobby. This sure isn’t a toy. You can use this anywhere, including on the beach.

This is a powerful tool that can detect coins down to a depth of 10 inches under the ground. It will tell you how deep the item is, and it can even detect what kind of object you’re detecting. It’s never wrong when it tells you what denomination of coin the item is, or whether it’s a pull-tab, cap, or something made of iron (like nails).

This comes with Ground Tac, which basically sets the metal detector to work more effectively to the soil conditions. You also have 4 operation modes to choose from. These include the No-Motion mode when it beeps when the coil is right above your target. Another option is the Auto Notch Discrimination mode, which allows you to hunt for targets while discriminating against items you’re not interested in.

The coil here is interchangeable, while you also have a jack for your headphone. In addition, it offers the usual comfortable design with the padded armrest and cushioned grip, along with the stand that protects the metal detector when you set it down.

All in all, what you have here is a metal detector that’s never wrong in identifying potential targets—which saves you a lot of time and frustration.

Which are Best Pro Metal Detectors?

The Bounty Hunter brand offers a “pro” series of metal detectors that work well and reliably, while they don’t cost as much as you might have feared. Here we have 3 metal detectors that offer huge interfaces so that you can get info at a glance and making adjustments is quick and easy.

13. Lone Star Pro Metal Detector

Here you get to see some excellent examples of what a no-nonsense pro might like. This offers a large interface with 9 types of targets for ID. On the left, there’s a large graphic indicating the depth of the target, while on the right you see your current sensitivity level. You also have a series of buttons below that lets you eliminate various types of metals you don’t care for.

This can detect coins down to 8 inches deep, while it can also sense larger metallic objects buried 2 feet under the ground. This has 3 tones to quickly tell you what your machine is detecting. It reacts quickly to the presence of metals, and it’s very accurate in identifying what you’ve found.

The search coil is 8 inches wide, and it’s completely waterproof. It’s extremely easy to use, especially with the adjustable stem, armrest, and cushioned grip. The fun here is its utter simplicity, and even smart kids can use this too. Just be sure you learn how to use it—if you’re a beginner, you might get annoyed at how it beeps all the time due to how sensitive it is.

14. Quick Draw Pro Metal Detector

Quick Draw Pro one is a bit pricier, but then even a quick look at the features will convince you that you’re getting good value for your money. This comes with a large 10-inch coil, but the whole thing weighs just 2.4 pounds. It even runs on just a single 9V alkaline battery.

This is sensitive enough to find coins under 9 inches of soil, and larger ones can be detected down to 2 feet. You can use this to search under the beach water since the coil is completely waterproof. It offers ID for 9 types of targets, and you can use this to discriminate against types of metals you don’t want. You have 3 tones telling you what type of metal has been found, while you also learn how deep the item is buried. Quick Draw pro even has a Pinpoint mode to focus on the item location more accurately.

Use it all day, as it doesn’t use up too much battery power and it’s comfortable to hold. You can expect this to last for a long time.

15. Land Ranger Pro Metal Detector

This is the most expensive of the Pro series, but then just looking at the 11-inch waterproof coil will tell you how helpful this can be on the beach or at the park. It’s strong enough to detect coins down to 10 inches underground. It offers 6 discrimination modes, a pinpoint mode, a depth meter, adjustable audio, and lots more features. It also automatically adjusts for different ground and soil conditions.

Land Ranger Pro Metal Detector
Land Ranger Pro Metal Detector

If you’re serious about getting an excellent metal detector, this is one option without breaking the bank. The pinpoint button can be a bit annoying to use, but that’s probably the only thing here that doesn’t work as advertised. 

Which are Best Discovery Metal Detectors?

The Discovery models all offer an LCD display, adjustable sensitivity, touchpad controls, a discrimination mode, a target ID system, a low battery indicator, and accepts accessory coils. These offer terrific features without requiring a premium price. We have 3 best discovery detectors below, find out your needs.

16. Bounty Hunter 3300 Metal Detector

This is the most advanced of the Discovery Series. It’s able to detect coins under 11 inches of soil and offers a running depth graph. Bigger items can be found buried 4 feet underground. Alone among this series, the Bounty Hunter 3300 also offers a pinpoint mode that gives you a more accurate idea of where a buried item really is. There 4 search modes in total.

It shows you what type of item you’re targeting, using a numerical target ID. It even lets you identify or discriminate against 11 types of metal objects. The discrimination even differentiates between 3 levels of iron. You also get 4 tones and manual ground balance. This is powerful enough to detect coons

The coil measures 8 inches, and it’s waterproof. It’s very comfortable to use, with a weight of just 2.5 pounds and an adjustable stem. Details review here Bounty Hunter 3300 Metal Detector.

17. Bounty Hunter 2200 Metal Detector

If you want to save a few bucks, then this is what you get as it’s more affordable than the 3300. You still have the 4 tones, and you also have 9 target categories. The power here lets you find coins under 9 inches of soil, and larger objects 3 feet deep. This comes with automatic ground balancing to deal with soil mineralization.

It’s very easy to use, and unwanted objects can be overlooked with just 1 touch. It’s just 2l4 pounds and even its padded armrest is adjustable.

18. Bounty Hunter 1100 Metal Detector

This is the cheapest of the series, but the quality isn’t cheap at all. You still get 3 tones, 3 preset modes, 3 target types, 4 levels for the depth meter, and preset ground balance. You can find coins down to 7 inches deep, and it can find bigger metal objects 2 feet down.

This is a lot of fun, though it’s mainly for adults due to the various complicated settings. It’s comfy enough to use, as it has a lightweight along with a padded armrest and a cushioned handgrip. It offers fantastic value for money. Just take some time to practice with its various settings, and eventually, you’ll be able to use this at maximum effectiveness. With this, you can find more “treasure” than “junk”.

Expert Buying Guide of Bounty Hunter Detectors

It makes a lot of sense if you pick a metal detector from the Bounty Hunter brand. Bounty Hunter is, after all, a rather popular brand, famous for its easy-to-use features and excellent value for money. But it doesn’t make sense to just buy any random model you can find. You should pick a particular model that best suits your needs. Here are our bounty hunter metal detectors buying guide list below:

  • What kind of user is the metal detector meant for?
  • What objects are you looking for?
  • Where will you use it?
  • How much should you spend?

But which model is the best for you? Ton determines this, let’s consider the pertinent factors:

What kind of user is the metal detector meant for?

This is the first question you need to ask. That’s because a seasoned old pro will need a certain kind of metal detector, while a kid new to the hobby of treasure hunting will require another model. It’s not a coincidence that we’ve grouped our Bounty Hunter metal detectors that suits certain types of people.

If you’re buying the metal detector for a newbie kid, you need something small and easy to carry and use. The features should be understandable enough for a kid. It also should be affordable, because to kids it’s basically a toy.

For newbie adults, you need a larger model, while you can go with more advanced features that an adult can eventually understand. It should have enough reliability to minimize frustrations regarding false positives or overlooked items.

Those with a lot more experience with treasure hunting will certainly look for many more advanced features. These can include greater sensitivity, several search modes, and plenty of custom settings. Many of the features that may seem advanced for newbies will be familiar to these pros.

What objects are you looking for?

Bounty Hunter metal detectors has plenty of all-around metal detectors that are good enough to find all types of items. These are the tools you need to find lost rings, coins, and keys.

If you’re targeting the smaller items like rings and coins, you may want to look for detectors that can pinpoint the location of the item. For these small items, you’ll want greater sensitivity and maybe the ability to find these things deeper underground. You may also want to reduce the number of false positives with discrimination features.

Where will you use it?

The general all-around metal detectors are great for parks, yards, and other types of dry locations. You’ll just want something with enough weather-resistance in case it rains.

However, for use on the beach, you’ll need excellent waterproofing for the coils. While the all-purpose metal detectors can work on dry sand on the shore, the metal detectors for the beach should be able to get under the shallow water. Take note that if you’re using a metal detector on the beach, it should specifically state that it’s meant for saltwater use.

These beach detectors have coils that can go under the water, but often you’re warned not to submerge the whole thing. If you’re planning on a scuba dive treasure hunt, then you’ll need a fully submersible model. Take note as to how far down each model is meant for. Some models can go down to 10 feet, while others can go deeper.

How much should you spend?

That of course depends partly on your budget. If you’re well off, then you’re certainly in a better position to afford a more expensive item.

It’s true that for young beginners, an affordable model is good enough. But for adults in general, you should pay as much as you can afford. There’s always that one chance that you’ll find something valuable enough to cover the entire cost of your metal detector.

But the main point of your money is to have fun, and you’ll get your money’s worth when you’re smiling at the end of your treasure-hunting adventure. You may not find a lot of valuable stuff, but with your money, you can get something that’s fun to use and eminently reliable. If you can afford a model with a discrimination feature, you can also avoid having to dig up junk too often.

How to Use Bounty Hunter Detectors?

Since its model has its own set of unique features and capabilities, you’re better off reading the instructions and then watching the demo videos first. These should give you a good idea of what to do.

But the best teacher is experience. Put in a fresh battery each time you use the Bounty Hunter metal detectors, and go detect.

You can maybe start with your own lawn, and you may find things you’ve lost a long time ago. Find out the best way to handle the metal detector. Try out the various settings and see what happens. Fine-tune your adjustments as you learn which settings are best for which types of objects.

Try out the different search modes and frequencies. Practice pinpointing the location of the hidden object through the beeps, the light flashes, and the vibrations. See if it’s better to use headphones. After that, go to a public park or to a friend’s lawn after you’ve gotten permission to search and dig.

Try the local lakes and beaches too, especially if you have a waterproof coil. Afterward, clean the metal detector properly and store it in a safe place. You’re going to be using this again—it’s kinda addictive that way.

Most Common Question About Bounty Hunter Detectors

What is the Best Metal Detector on the Market?

If you mean what’s “best metal detector” for you, then it depends mainly on your own preferences and current skill level. But if you mean the absolute best among the diverse range of Bounty Hunter models, then perhaps it is the Platinum-11 model. It has a very long list of advanced features that will appeal to any serious pro.

So why isn’t this model mentioned on any of our lists? The simple reason is that the features may be too advanced for most people. Many of the features here can be too complicated.

In addition, the price may be a bit too much. The most expensive model we’ve listed goes for about $400, and that’s not even including the delivery cost. But the Platinum-11 goes for about $680, and you may be paying too much for a model with advanced features you may not even need.

How Deep Does a Bounty Hunter Metal Detector Go?

That depends on several factors, such as the particular model, the sensitivity setting, the type of object you’re looking for, the size of the object, and the particular environmental conditions. It’s common to find tiny objects a few inches under the ground, but you can find larger items with a Bounty Hunter down to a depth of 3 feet.

Is the Bounty Hunter Metal Detector Waterproof?

Just about every model made by Bounty Hunter has a coil prober with some type of weather resistance. In many cases, the coil is completely waterproof and can be submerged underwater. Bounty Hunter has been in the business long enough to realize that most people use this gadget on the beach, so they’ve made their metal detectors to survive the water.

Bounty Hunter even sells metal detectors that are fully submersible. In general, the waterproofing for these gadgets applies only to the probe coils. You can then submerge them in shallow beach water to find buried items. But the fully submersible metal detectors are waterproof enough that you can bring them along down to the depths when you go scuba diving. Just make sure the waterproofing rating of the metal detector matches the water depth you’re planning to dive to.

Can a Bounty Hunter Metal Detector Find Gold?

Again, this depends on several factors. But the short answer is yes. You can find gold with just about any Bounty Hunter metal detectors model. You need a model that can offer a higher frequency than 14kHz. Higher frequencies are more effective than lower frequencies at detecting small gold nuggets.

If you are interested to know how does a metal detector works? You might choose this article guide

Expert Opinion about Bounty Hunter Metal Detector Reviews

With the diverse lineup of metal detectors from Bounty Hunter, you can be absolutely certain your needs will be met regardless of your current skill level and age. In fact, it’s entirely possible you can upgrade your metal detector as your skill level and interest ramp up just by exchanging one Bounty Hunter model for another.

In general, these metal detectors are easy to use and offer excellent value for your money. The majority of the Bounty Hunter metal detector attest to this, especially those written by actual customers. The people who’ve enjoyed using their Bounty Hunters tend to have a lot of fun with their gadgets, and that’s not automatic for all of these metal detectors in the market.

In an industry of overpriced tools that can be hard to figure out and prone to breakdowns, Bounty Hunter offers metal detectors that minimize the frustration and boost the fun factor. Try one for yourself, and you’ll understand. 

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