Minelab Equinox 800 Reviews 2020

Minelab Equinox 800 Reviews
Equinox 800 Detector

Planning on going all out in your treasure hunts? Then you should be wise in where you put your investment. Every metal detection expert has their own reliable choice of equipment, so it’s a must that you find one, too. For this, Minelab Equinox 800 reviews will prove to be of great help to you. Check out ours below.

Is the Equinox 800 Any Good?


  • Lightweight and won’t easily tire your arms out
  • Large double d smart coil will let you cover a lot of ground during your expeditions
  • Relatively easy to use
  • The large display makes quick identifications possible
  • Dedicated buttons make operation quick and simple
  • Advanced features will let you enjoy functionalities that you can’t find in cheaper models
  • Can detect targets up to more than 8” deep in the ground
  • Has a waterproof design and accessories
  • Can be tailor-fit to suit various requirements
  • Special settings can be saved
  • Can be recharged while in use
  • Wireless bluetooth headphones will let you move more freely
  • Convenient pinpoint feature
  • All-Metal function button offers a quick setting for general use


  • There’s a learning curve in mastering its operation
  • Illustrated button labels can be a bit confusing at first
  • Quite expensive

Equinox 800 Detector Specs:

Intended UseGeneral, All Rround
Detecting modes4(Park,Field,Beach and Gold)
Target ID2
Descrimination PatternAccept/Reject
Ground BalanceManual/Auto/Tracking
Threshold Level4
Target Tone50
Recovery SpeedAdjustable
Audio TechnologyWM 08 Wireless
Noice CancelationAuto/Manual
Audio VolumeAdjustable
Bluetooth HeadphoneML 08 Wireless
Double D Smart Coil11″ Waterproof
BatteryRechargeable Internal Lithium Battery
User Profile8 Custom Profile

Equinox 800 Metal Detector Features

To help you get a closer look at the Equinox series 800, here’s a list of its features.

  • Multi-IQ Technology
  • Over 8” Maximum Depth
  • Digital Control Box
  • 4 Detect Modes and 8 Custom Search Profiles
  • 11” Search Smart Coil
  • Waterproof Design
  • Wireless Earphones
  • Rechargeable Internal Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Other Customizable Features

Multi-IQ Technology

One of the strongest suits and most notable features of the Equinox series 800 is its Multi-IQ Technology. Also referred to as the simultaneous multi-frequency, it refers to the different radio frequencies the device can operate in. This means that the Equinox 800 has an adjustable frequency, not a single frequency, allowing you to select the one you need to better scope for your desired target.

The Equinox 800 multi-frequency technology will let you set the operating frequency of your device at 5kHz, 10kHz, 15kHz, 20kHz, or 40kHz, boosting your odds in finding the wide range of best metal articles. Unlike other all-purpose metal detectors, this feature will bolster your chances of finding gold and other precious metals that are only detectable at higher frequencies. On the other hand, single frequency machine doesn’t have enough chances to detect gold.

Equinox 800 Metal Detector Depth:

As its depth gauge suggests, the Minelab Equinox 800 maximum depth can reach up to deeper than 8” depending on the ground conditions. This means that it can find more buried and gold items as it can go deeper than the best metal detectors.

Digital Control Box

Minelab Equinox 800 Control Box
Equinox 800 Control Box

As what one can expect from a very modern metal detector, the Equinox series 800 comes with a digital control box. It features a large back-light LCD screen and a few control buttons with illustrated labels.

The screen has a massive 2-digit target ID display, a graph for multi-notch discrimination, depth and sensitivity gauges, frequency display, battery level indicator, overload, ground balance, detect mode icons, and other status icons. The layout is simple and not too overwhelming so it’s easy to learn the details of your settings and the info on the target you’ve found with just a quick glance.

As for the controls, each is dedicated to a specific function or purpose. There’s one for power, screen backlight, Detect Mode, User Profile, All-Metal, Accept/Reject, selection, and Frequency. The Detect and Pinpoint and the Settings button have different functionalities, so you might want to be careful when pressing them.

However, since the labels are illustrated, it might require some memorization for you to know which ones to press for certain functionalities. It looks nice, though, as the graphics help give the device a clean and uncluttered look.

4 Detect Modes and 8 Custom Search Profiles

Making its use a lot simpler is the Equinox series 800’s 4 detect modes. You only need to select your location or your goal find, and you’re all set. It will already choose the settings you need to get the best results.

These 4 modes are Park, Beach, Field, and Gold. Each mode has 8 search profiles which will help you specify targets or use presets. For example, the Park mode will let you select between General/Coins and Fine Jewelry targets while the Field mode will let you pick between Coins/Artifacts and Fine Coins/Artifacts.

The beach mode will let you choose from Wet/Dry Sand and Underwater/Surf settings and the Gold mode will have users pick between Normal or Difficult Ground settings.

Search Coils: What Coil Comes With the Equinox 800 Detector?

The Equinox series 800 can also promise efficiency, thanks to its 11” search coil. This will let you sweep a large area in one go, helping you cover a lot of ground faster and easier. If this isn’t enough, you can swap it out with other available search coils from Minelab. They’re also available in 15” varieties, so you can more quickly cover more ground on your searches.

Waterproof Design: Is the Equinox 800 Waterproof?

If you want to try searching for treasures in beaches and other locations near bodies of water, then the waterproof components of the Equinox 800 can also appeal to you. Its search coil is fully submersible and can be used up to 3m underwater. Its control box will need a waterproof cover accessory, however, if you want to completely use it underwater.

Wireless Earphones

Another proof of Equinox series 800’s modern design is its use of wireless earphones. It comes with an ML 80 wireless headphones that you can also use wired and hooked into the 3.5 mm jack located in the back of the control box.

Rechargeable Internal Lithium-Ion Battery

There’s no more need to worry about carrying batteries with this product as it’s equipped with a rechargeable internal battery. It has a USB charging port that you can use for recharging, making it a lot more convenient and fuss-free to work with.

It can take about 4 hours to fully charge the device from being completely depleted of power. A full charge, in turn, can give the Equinox 800 battery life up to 12 hours. You can also plug this device into a portable power bank. Just make sure not to use it in inclement weather or underwater while you charge.

If the battery level is already critically low, the target ID will display the letters ‘bF’ then will automatically turn off.

Other Customizable Features

Aside from the ones mentioned above, this product will also let you tweak the sensitivity levels, noise cancelation, and ground balance of the device. You can set it to match very specific needs, guaranteeing that you get the exact features and settings that you need. With its User Profile button, you can also save your selected settings, making it easier for you to pick up your expedition from where you left it off.

Equinox 800 Detector Manual Guide

Equinox series 800’s user guide will prove to be a valuable resource for the owners of this product as it contains everything you need to know about the device. It’s packed with the details you need in order to use and make the most out of the device.

It’s a useful reference for mastering the controls, tweaking the settings, using the audio, as well as for caring and keeping the device in top shape. It’s strongly recommended that you read this manual and keep it while you use your Equinox 800. 

What are the Equinox 800 Problems?

There’s no doubt that this item is one of the all-purpose best metal detectors today but it doesn’t mean that it’s completely perfect. There are still a few issues some folks raise about it and at the top of this list is its design.

Simply put, it’s not as ergonomic as other best metal detectors. Its straight shape from its armrest to the rod makes it a bit tricky to use for some. It can cause arm fatigue even if it’s lightweight. If you have a major issue you can contact customer service.

Equinox 800 Metal Detector Settings

As mentioned above, the Equinox 800 has a Setting button which you can use to further make the most out of your device. Here are its functionalities:

  1. Noise cancel adjustment
  2. Ground balance adjustment
  3. Volume adjustment
  4. Target tone selection
  5. Threshold level adjustment
  6. Fast recovery speed adjustment

By pressing the Setting button, you can toggle the functions and select the one that you want to adjust. You might need to fiddle a bit with this, so have some patience.

How Do You Use the Equinox 800 Detector?

Well, let watch a video instruction on how to use it.

What Comes With the Equinox 800?

As you know we have discussed a lot more equinox 800 features, in the feature section, for better understand we have a list below all the accessories and parts that comes with this product.

  • Small fully Submersible Coil
  • Waterproof Wireless Headphone
  • Headphone Case
  • Headphone USB Charging Cable
  • Rechargeable Internal Lithium-Ion Battery
  • High-Performance Magnetic connector
  • Wireless Transmitter
  • Arm Cuff
  • Screen Protector
  • Manual Instruction Guide Book and so more.

Will it Detect Gold?

Yes, the seller gives an answer to their buyer, some gold hunters in Arizona find small gold nuggets but keep in mind it will detect gold nuggets in the 4″ to 6″ range. When it comes to detecting gold ring and coin, the wide range will be 14″ to 16″ depending on soil conditions.

Equinox 800 vs AT Max

Out of all the other products in the market today, the Garrett AT Max is one that often goes head to head with the Equinox 800. They have similar features but since the AT Max isn’t necessarily much of an upgrade from the AT Pro, lots of people tend to lean towards the Equinox 800 more.

Since Minelab equinox 800 price and AT Max both items are at the same price point, our featured item just offers more value for the money, according to many experienced detectorists. Or you can check Garrett at pro. For detectorist Garrett at pro also better option.

Equinox 800 vs E-Trac

Among the Minelab products, the Equinox 800 is often compared to the E-Trac. These two items have similar features and highly customizable settings so experienced detectorists find themselves torn between the two. However, if you have certain priorities, one might prove to be a better pick than the other. 

For example, if you value waterproof construction, then the Equinox 800 will be the better choice for you. If you want the most accurate and specific target identification, then go for the E-Trac. This product is loaded with features made for quick and precise target identification, so it’s strength lies in this very functionality.

Equinox 800 Detector Tips and Tricks

How to make the most out of your Equinox 800? Here are some tips and tricks in its use:

  • Always sweep parallel and close to the ground. This will ensure that the device will get a good reading of the ground.
  • Always keep a 15-meter distance from other metal detectors to avoid interference.
  • Do a demonstration test before using your best metal detector for the first time. Doing so will help you gauge the settings and performance of your unit before heading out.
  • Keep the manual at hand if you haven’t fully mastered the functionalities and settings of your Equinox 800.

Equinox 800 Metal Detector Australia

Hailed as one of the best brands for metal detectors today, Minelab may not be an American or European brand but it has surely proven its great worth through its amazing roster of products. This Australian manufacturer has received the trust of many established organizations and institutions, making it a trusted choice by many detectorists, experienced and beginners alike.

Top 10 Reasons the Minelab Equinox is Dominating in 2018

Here we are going to start with the top 10 reasons why the Minelab equinox is dominating in 2018. Let’s jump into the reason below.

  1. Multi-IQ Technology
  2. Fast recovery Speed
  3. Versatility (Prospecting Mood)
  4. Extremely Lightweight
  5. Internal Battery
  6. Charge on the On Mood
  7. No Battery in the Coil
  8. The Breakdown feature
  9. Wireless System (Bluetooth Technology)
  10. Usability (Easy to Use)

Picking the Minelab Equinox 800

With how popular our featured item is, we’re pretty sure that you’ve already found a number of Minelab Equinox 800 beach reviews to help you get to know the product better. There are even lots of Minelab Equinox 800 forum entries that discuss its merits and edge against other products. So if you’re in need of more details about this product, you can be guaranteed to find them. This is all about Minelab equinox 800 update for treasure hunting hobbyist.

Read our Minelab Metal Detector Reviews guide here to know which one is best for you.

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